Authorized Dealer


Minimum - Any 4 hour period during a normal work day; or after 3:30pm until 8:30am the following morning, Monday - Thursday.

Day Rate - Any consecutive 24 hour period. On Fridays, items rented before 2pm on a day rental will be due back before 5:30pm that day. Items rented after 2pm on Friday are due back by 8:30am Monday morning for the day rate. Davis Tractor is not open for rental on Saturday or Sunday.

Weekly Rate - Any consecutive 7 day period. Charges are normally for 3-4 days.

Monthly Rate - Any full calendar month. Charges are normally for 10-12 days.


We can deliver and/or pickup your equipment for a charge of $75.00 within the city limits of Meridian.  The charge of delivery and/or pickup of your equipment outside the city limits is $2.00 per loaded mile with a minimum of $75.00. 


Deliveries may be scheduled for times convenient to the customer during our normal working day. We will honor your time for delivery unless earlier schedules preclude this, in which case we will contact the customer and arrange for a new delivery time. We are unable to wait extended periods to make deliveries and pickups.

The customer or an adult representative must be present for delivery to ensure accuracy of the order, and to explain safety and operating procedures for powered equipment. The rental contract must be signed and final payments made before delivery can be made.



Davis Tractor is happy to accept Cash, your personal Check (subject to approval), charge to an in-store credit account, your Visa, Mastercard or DiscoverCard.



Davis Tractor requires a security “deposit” on ALL tractors and equipment allowing hourly usage. This “deposit” is made by striking a major credit card ONLY, and holding the card information until the items are returned and paid in full. Debit cards are not allowed, nor is cash.



Customers must be at least 18 years of age to effect a legal rental contract.
Identification is required on all rental contracts. Acceptable identification includes:
 - Local MS/AL driver’s license with picture ID and current address.
 - Military ID with out of state driver’s license.
 - Out of state driver’s license and a major credit card (NO debit card).
All identification and credit cards MUST be in the same customer name.


Renter is responsible for routine care and cleaning of equipment.
In case of loss, theft, or damage; renter is responsible for repair or replacement of items.
If equipment is returned without cleaning, a minimum clean-up fee of $15 may be added.
Customer is responsible for rental equipment in case of vehicular accident.
Customer is responsible for securing equipment properly in vehicle or on trailer if used.Renter is responsible for refueling equipment before turning the equipment in; if equipment is returned without being refueled, a fuel charge of $5.00 per gallon will be added.